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recorded in the spellings of smith, smithe, smythe, and the patronymic smiths, and smithson, this is the most popular surname in the English speaking world for a considerable margin. from Anglo-Saxon origins prior to the twentieth century, it derives from the word smitan which means hermit and as such it is believed that it has not described an iron worker, but a soldier, one who died. that he also probably bore armor, which would have been required to repair, may have led to the secondary meaning. the famous Anglo-Saxon chronicles sometimes known as the first newspaper, in the ix century d.

oa the expression War-Smith to describe a brave warrior, while the later medieval guild list of specialized trades has blacksmith, blacksmith, goldsmith and silversmith among so many members, but without blacksmith trade. These descriptions of skilled middle-aged workers were accurate, and it is our opinion after studying many early records that the original blacksmiths were probably the local mansion guards. This would explain the unique popularity of the name, as the first social records indicate that the tailor and baker trades were much more frequent than that of smith in any form. the truth is that more than five hundred coats of arms have been granted to the holders of smith's names, without a doubt an indication of the military fund, rather than a humble steelsmith. The great smith family is the first in all major cities in the English-speaking world, but curiously the greatest concentration of smith are in aberdeenshire, scot! why this should be so far from clear. It is not surprising that the name of smith was one of the first in the colonies of new America, being held by the famous john smith (1580 - 1631), explorer and writer, who helped find the state of virginia. He was repulsively saved from execution by little honor, the daughter of the Indian chief, who died inglaterra in 1622. the first recorded spelling of the family name, and probably the first surname recorded anywhere in the world, is that of eceard smid. this was dated 975 a.d, in the record of English surnames for the county durham, during the reign of the eduardo king of inglaterra, known as "the martyr," 975 - 979 a.d

Surname Smith: Origin, genealogy, history and origins

Knowing the history and origin of the surname Smith is something interesting, since it takes us back to the ancestors and relatives who forged this ancestry. The history of Smith is, like the history of most surnames, a tangled and exceptional journey to past times to find out the origin of Smith, which leads us to have more information about those who carry that name, what was its origin, its coat of arms or heraldic shields, the bibliography in which Smith is mentioned.... It is possible for us to try to trace its genealogy, and apart from the places of origin of the surname Smith, we know where there is the possibility of meeting people with the surname Smith these days.

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Smith: historical chronicle

The historical chronicle of the Smith surname lies in an interesting sequence of events that were starred by the people who have carried the Smith surname throughout history, and that it is possible for us to travel through until we reach those who were the first bearers of Smith. Their exploits, the way they lived their lives, the places they inhabited, their family relationships, the jobs they did... All this is key for those who, like those who are reading these lines, are interested in having more information about the history, heraldry, coats of arms and nobility and nobility of the Smith surname. In the following lines you will find everything we have compiled about the Smith surname. However, in case you have more historical data that you wish to share, we would feel a great gratitude for your cooperation to expand the knowledge of those who, like you, wish to increase their knowledge about the Smith surname.

Unfortunately we have no more historical information regarding Smith than this which we have gladly provided. We invite those who visit us on this page to study the advised bibliography and to return frequently, since we often collect relevant contributions from other interested personspeople attracted to the history and origin of surnames and lineages who possibly have particularly useful information about the Smith surname, and which we would promptly (with prior verification) update on this web page. Also, if you are one of those people, we urge you to collaborate with us and send us the information about Smith that are available to you, thanking you in advance for the gesture.

Some of the most famous Smith

There have certainly been many Smith insignificant during history , although for whatever reason, not all historical chronicles collected it or the data have not reached the present day. Unfortunately, not all the great contributions of the men and women who have carried the surname Smith were taken into account in their day by the historians of the time. Although a surname can tie a person to a recognized lineage and to a lordlyblasson, God lives that it is the individual people who, throughout their lives and as a result of certain eminent actions or of importance for the community in which they coexisted, give notoriety to their surnames and can become to found distinguished lineages. For this reason we try to give relevance in this website to those people with the surname Smith who, for some reason, have left their influence in the course of history.

The Smith surname and its bibliographical sources

Due to all the inquiries that we have managed to summarize so far, it can be assured that about the Smith surname it is possible to find information concerning its heraldry, its history and its genealogy. This we must thank to a great extent to the bibliography for its consultation. The bibliographic sources collect information allusive to the Smith surname, which allows us to discover something more about its meaning, its origin, its historical trajectory, coat of arms and heraldry. We would like to suggest to the users of this page to make use of the following sources if they wish to carry out a study on the surname Smith, as well as many other surnames:

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